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Waterloo Family Photographer - New Baby Love!

This is the type of session I love!! a whole hour for a family photography session just us one on one. We always precede one of these sessions with some discussion of what is important to their family at this point in time. What memories they want to capture that they must remember in the years to come when their little ones are grown and the years have passed and memories are hazy. I love being able to customize my 1 hour family sessions to be unique to your family. Plus this one was special because it was with Karen who is just one of those incredible Mom's that I adore! you know those people who the more you talk to them the more you think where have you been my whole life! I photographed Karen for the first time a few years ago when her oldest was just a wee babe and since then we have become fast friends. I am always so inspired by her and love that I had the opportunity to capture this time in their lives! xo

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